Sticky Notes from Me!

January 5, 2009 at 23:46 | Posted in Administration Sticky Notes | 1 Comment

Occasionally I will post some “sticky notes” things – those things that I think everyone should be aware of. First – I welcome all comments, good and bad — but please be respectful of each other – and let’s try to avoid the obviously improper vocabulary as this is primarily a family blog. Yes, you will find me on many other blog sites and I love challenging discussions, even healthy disagreements – but this is more of a “let’s sit with our espresso and relax a bit” type of place.  No verbal attacks will be allowed to be posted to anyone, as in the owner of this blog or towards another commenter. I will not tolerate spam, advertising, or other schemes. Fake emails also will not be posted. If by any means an inappropriate post slips through, please inform me and it will be deleted as soon as possible. You are more than welcome to this blog – please give credit/link-back for any information here. All my work here is owned by me (including photographs) so please be honest and give credit – none of it is to be taken and sold or used for someone else’s financial gains.

This all means I’m the Mama here and I get to send you off to your own room somewhere if you misbehave! 🙂



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  1. Good Morning!! What a wonderful blog!!! Good luck and see you soon. Love and prayers, Kathy

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