Doors That Should Stay Closed

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Some doors should stay closed, never to open again to anyone. Doors to my sons’ rooms when they went through those wonderful teen years. You know the years…years when only a mother can love them… and even then… sigh. And the door to my home office when I am cleaning the rest of the house… it is the catch-all room that I then need a week to clear out. And garage doors. I don’t know about you, but my garage does not house a car. It houses everything else in the world but a car. I live in Florida, land of no basements and not much attic. The garage is it unless you pay for storage, something I refuse to do!

And then there are the jail cell doors. The doors to the cells of people who would hurt children. Those should be shut and never opened again. Yes, I know I am supposed to be forgiving. My God teaches a religion of forgiveness. But I do not have to condone … and I certainly do not have to allow you access to children again. Sorry. Those doors need to be shut permanently. Wait – I take back the sorry – I am not sorry.

Doors to concentration camps. That’s another set of doors that should never have existed and certainly need to be shut forever. Before anyone reminds me not to hide away the truth of the horror, I am not advocating sticking your head in the sand. I just mean those doors should never have been. Concentrations camps had no business existing. Maybe that is another set of jail cell doors we need to shut – the doors of concentration camp wardens. Doors to nuclear armament labs could stand to be closed too. Maybe throw the leaders of those countries that would use them as bargaining chips in the world today right in that room before those doors are sealed. Just remember to take away the ability to make more nuclear bombs and missiles. Now please understand, I am not advocating a political position here. I tend to be rather conservative in my outlook but I really don’t see a justifiable reason for nuclear weapons such as Iran and North Korea would like at the moment. I think we have enough weapons and we have had enough lessons about intolerance and war.

Doors that should stay closed leads us naturally to doors that should stay open, or that should be opened…..


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