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Just want to post a quickie note apologizing for not posting anything new this week. Dear Valentino is having a rough week -he is in the hospital dealing with some physical issues. He was not feeling well during our trip so we suspected he was going to need some interventional care. We keep a pretty close eye due to his heart valve replacement and we have been quite fortunate for the last 14 years that all has gone well. I credit that to his excellent doctors and again they have impressed me. For all of the faults of the American medical system, we have been blessed with doctors who in spite of a decided lack of medical insurance at one point in our lives, went above and beyond in his care. That continues to be the case even though they are dealing with imperfect Medicare payments and fee schedules. Although we do not rate the home visits that doctors still offer overseas, we did rate a rapid return of phone messages and a great doctor who was not in a hurry to hang up. He was more than willing to talk and reassure a very nervous wife on the telephone even though he was not going to be the cardiologist on the case in the hospital! (Thank you Dr. Messersmith!) I will be touching base here off and on for the next few days but will be back on schedule by next week!


UPDATE: Bonnieshusband is officially home and settled back in after his hospital stay. I want to thank everyone for their kind words of good wishes and prayers – God is always good! After speaking with our normal GP and cardiologist, we met a new cardiologist who was wonderful and spent time to talk. The next day the covering cardiologist was a doctor from the hospital I am employed at. It was extremely conforting to have a PA (Yay Sandy!) and doctor who I knew and felt comfortable talking with. He is also an excellent doctor whose opinion and skills I trust implicitly! Val responded well to everything done and did not need any major interventions as a result – so answered prayer!

In any event I credit all the well wishes and prayers from all of you! Thanks!



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  1. Oh dear! I’ll be offering prayers for his recovery–I’m so glad you’ve found good medical care! 🙂

    • Thanks – he is doing better thank the Good Lord – and should be home in a couple days! Phew!

  2. So pleased to hear that Val is feeling so much better.
    Paul has been for an Ecografia, and the results showed a minor valve problem, but not too serious.
    Fingers crossed for a Successful cardioversion in the Autumn.

    Take care both

    Louise and Paul xx of “Tre Cancelle” Itri.

    • Thanks – we also keep Paul in our prayers! We semi-joke that we were not able to go into the Sanctuary this trip – he was unable to climb all those metal stairs and I hated to leave him in the car alone while I went – we did visit the grounds and I took photos of the construction/restoration though. So we figure our positive thoughts of wanting to be there helped him!
      I will be working on all the Itri surnames – I am beginning to do extractions now of all the records I can.

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