West Melbourne, FL City Council August 4, 2009 Ongoing Saga of Our Home

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We again attended a City Council Meeting for the West Melbourne, Florida City Council. I was asked by one of the City Council members to keep them apprised of the situation at our home. At the last meeting, some photographs of our home were shown that did not clarify our position fairly or properly along with incorrect statements being put out there that we were inconveniencing others and costing delays with our complaints. So I felt it imperative to set the record straight on several issues and felt a few photographs of what transpired would say more than mere words. With that in mind I showed proof that equipment needed could not fit in between the two houses and that the tanks themselves would also not fit. More importantly I showed our house before and now. Remember this was a 2600+ square foot home that is now a mess no matter how many shrubs they try to plant. I don’t think a 20+ foot antenna on tripod stand will be covered by some flowers or hedges. And none of it helps the value of our home now. Watch the presentation for yourself – it was well received and most of the citizens came up to us after the meeting to agree with us.


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