West Melbourne, FL Home Saga Ongoing

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There is some hope for life returning to a degree of normalcy at our home. I had written a letter to a local TV station (I will not name until they make a decision) and posted several posts here on the conditions as a result of the sewer lift station construction. The amount of hits I have received is encouraging that word is out. I hope it helps anyone else facing such a mess and disruption to their lives in addition to the financial pain. I am also perfectly aware that much of the tracking is by the folks at City Hall wanting to see what exactly I am posting and therefore forcing them to prepare for the inevitable. I am not someone who wanted to be a political activist. I never was such a person but obviously I have been forced to become one. The photos show the landscaping and clean up of our yard. I have to state here that the gentlemen assigned to us to be responsible for getting the project done have gone out of their way to get it done. I realize that much of this big push is due to my speaking at the City Council meetings, posting here and on Twitter, as well as a letter of inquiry from the TV station to City Hall. The cypress trees were a more expensive alternative to what they intended to put there but it was acknowledged that maintaining hedges would be expensive over the long run – something I brought up. I suggested the trees would be less likely to have branches that might damage the antenna system also. I also admit that when the bulldozer broke a large section of our driveway, they poured a new one the same day without us having to mention or discuss it even with anyone. Again I attribute this to the new attitude of actually supervising the job — and again the two men assigned to do this have done their jobs well. For all of the folks who hate to see certain ethnic workers on a job site, I want to refute some of those issues here. These fellows were all legal and they were gentlemen. They were also very hard workers with no swearing, no raudy behavior, and they cleaned up after themselves daily! I believe in giving credit and Kudos where owed.

All of that said, the bottom line is a financial one to us. How the project was handled originally was a publicity nightmare, a lesson in rude, obnoxious city employee attitudes, and an elitist attitude also by a city mangement. None of that can be changed. What was done was done. And unfortunately no amount of landscaping will change that we now have the view from our front windows of a sewer lift station. Stand in the street and look at our house and you see a sewer lift station. Trees and hedges only go so far, curb appeal is now destroyed. Given a choice of the same house with a sewer station or without, obviously buyers will not choose the sewer lift station. The reality is that our finances are therefore impacted by the City’s decisions. We had no voice in the decision and now we are the ones whose future is impacted. Our home was like most Americans a big portion of our lives. After all, our governments claim home ownership is a major part of the American Dream. This is now our nightmare we get to live and relive every day.

Finished Landscaping of the Front Yard and Sewer Lift Station

Finished Landscaping of the Front Yard and Sewer Lift Station

VAngled iew of House

Angled View of House


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