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  1. What wonderful photos! I thought they might remind me of my visit to Rome but they are really not reminiscent of Rome to me…they actually remind me a bit more of Barcelona. Great blog! I hear strolling musicians and I smell pasta and red wine. Yuuuummmmmy!

    • Thanks! I will be posting lots more (including some of Rome) as we go along – especially because we are planning the next trip now! Check back!

  2. Great site. Beautiful pictures. Complimenti!!

  3. I was born in Itri my father is Orlando Capotosto and my Grandfather was Vincenzo Capotosto. My grandfathers brothers /sisters went to US and i believe settled in Cranston. My Grandfathers brother was called Cosmo Capotosto and i believe his children are Luca and Davide. We cant remember what his sisters name was.
    My father is 82 yrs old and i thought i would enquire on this site in case some of our second cousins can get in touch with me.
    I have been to Itri however my father Orlando moved to Australia in 1956 and we live in Newcastle NSW
    If anyone in Cranston reads this we would love to hear from you.
    Angela Capotosto/ Cardillo

    • Hi Angela,

      My father was Cosmo Capotosto he was originally from Itri and settled in Cranston, Rhode Island. I am one out of 6 children my brother is Luca Capotosto. Your grandfather Vincenzo was my father’s brother and their sister was Angelina Fusco. Angelina’s grandson was named David. I am very excited to get in touch with you. Please, contact me by email that way we can talk in more detail.

      Your cousin,

      Maria Capotosto Vartanian

    • I am David Bufalino as you know by now. I am the Grandson of Angelina Capotosto Fusco.

  4. Hello Valentino’s Wife…
    I love this blog… My Father (not by blood) is Italian. His last name is Iannone…(pronounced E-Ann-Own-E’). I can’t claim the Italian blood, however the IRish temper keeps me fairly busy. lol! Love your garden posts. I’ve been adding lots of goodies to my soil. Today, tilled in some nitrogen rich coffee grounds from Starbucks. Tomorrow I will pick up the aged manure and peat moss. Do you live in a moist area? We have dry, hot summer’s here and I have to ammend my soil well each year. So, that the soil will hold the moisture. Enjoy the Springy season!

    • Funny – that last name is a common one from the area where my husband grew up! Thanks for stopping by – visit again as I will be keeping updates on the gardening! wWe live in an warm area of Florida that tends to be humid in hot weather but the soil goes dry quickly so we are using coffee grounds for the soil mix and lots of mulch normally around flwoering plants. THis will be trial error for our first big season!

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