San Remo Love Notes

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Every year about the same time in January and February, Sanremo, Italy is home to a much loved music festival known as San Remo. This music festival is a long time tradition waited for, watched, and listened to by all of Italy. The finale is for best vocalist, best song of the year. All the singers from a little-known to a well-known compete equally along with song writers to win. At the end, the best of the songs are made into popular albums/CDs.

1977 was no different. Bonnie and Valentino arrived in Italy for their honeymoon right as the most popular song was being played on every radio and TV station constantly. Everywhere, the song would be heard over and over, a love song “Bella da Morire” by the Homo Sapiens…. paraphrased ‘so beautiful to die for’. The man tells the girl she is so beautiful, he follows her everywhere, sees her as she dances, she is written on his forehead so to speak, she is the only one for him. Needless to say this soft melodic love song was the perfect love song for a honeymoon in Italy, land of romance!

Over the last thirty some years if there was ever even a minor disagreement, Valentino would find the cassette tape or later the CD. Always the first to say “I’m sorry” while Bonnie would brood, he would play the music and sing. And by the end of the first stanza all was forgiven and forgotten. And the passion and deep abiding love,endless and unlimited, would once again┬ábe all that mattered, that had ever mattered.


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