Most of these names hail from Itri and Campodimele. We have been told that family came to this particular area back a century or so ago from more north but do not yet know exactly where – we also know Di Crocco family went to Austria, Germany, and France – we also were told we came from France long ago! So this surname list will obviously grow over time. Also I am working on transcribing as many records from Itri as possible and will be ultimately posting those transcriptions here online so please add names you hope to find via the comments postings – maybe we can help one another – for those of you not sure if this is an exercise in futility, we have found many living family members and made many wonderful friends through surname searches! Join us!

Surnames Database


Ando Di Fusco Mateo Savarese
Arzano Di Mezzo Moretti Soccia
Bedente Di Segna Muller Soccoccio
Bessette Dittes Nesca Stefani
Brunori Dowling Ocello Szumilo
Buonaiuto Drolet Palazzo Tarallo
Carroccio Durante Pannozzo Villano
Chalmers Fantasia Pezza Vitale
Ciccone Fumarola Raspallo  
D’Angelo Gesualdi Reali  Di Bratta
De Nofio Lorenzo Riccardi  Picano
Di Bello Maggiarra Riccone  Antonelli
Di Crocco Mancini Saccoccio Fajola 


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  1. What a wonderful website. My mother’s family was from Itri – they settled in Cranston, R.I. in the early 1900’s. Their surname was DiBiase. My grandfather was Antonio DiBiase; his wife’s name was Elizabeth Polumbo. Someday I would like to visit Itri but until then, thank you for the pictures and the information. I will travel along with you.

    • Thank you so much! Are you related to DiBiase families in Cranston? Our close friend and ‘best man’ is a DiBiase…he and his wife moved back to Italy so we will be seeing them this trip!

      • yes – my aunts, uncles and cousins all lived in Cranston. We moved to the midwest years ago so I have lost touch with most of the family (all my aunts and uncles are now deceased). What a small world it is!

  2. I will be in Cranston tomorrow to celebrate the feast of the Madonna della Civita as I have all my life. My counsin now owns my grandparents house who came to Cranston from Itri in 1912. They had 10 children but only the first child was born in Itri. I have one surviving uncle who was my father’s youngest brother. I now live in southern RI but return to Cranston for the feast every year. My wife and I have been to Itri twice and look forward to returning soon. Our first vist to the sanctuary was truly amazing and a profound spiritual experience.

  3. Ahhhh — I am sooo jealous you are in Cranston! We wanted to go but it was my graduation weekend from college (second time around of coure as I went when I was younger also).

    • I live in Warwick, RI (next town over from Cranston). I was searching the web for information on Itri and came across your website. My grandfather was from Itri. His name was Severino Agresti. His name is on one of the bricks in Cranston you spoke of. Thanks for the website. I hope to find more information about his family.

  4. Most recent information about County historical map missouri stone topographical and Paulding county here

  5. My Italian surnames are D’Itri and Colucci. My great grandmother was Maria Colucci and her daughter, my grandmother, Marcella Colucci married my grand father, Alfonse D’Itri in Providence or Cranston Rhode Island.
    I’m curious about the D’Itri name and it’s history as it relates to the city of Itri.

  6. My parents were born in Itri and mived to America 1907 and we visited Cranston in July for the feast every year. I love Itri as we have found our cousins and now write constantly. I am trying to get more of my parents backgroung. The name is Ruggiero and was originaly Ruggieri and cannot figure out why the chane.
    Rsalie Rugiero Federico E Bridgewater Ma

  7. My fahter’s parents were from Itri. Their surnames are Fidelio and LaRocca. I have never been to Itri but will get there someday!

    John LaRocca

  8. Ciao tutti! I recently stumbled upon you sight and have found this to be a treasure trove of information. I’m a Saccoccio whose father’s parents came from Itri in 1911, settling in the Knightsville section of Cranston. My mother’s family came over around the same time, too. Between the two sides we have a range of Itrani names such as Saccoccio, Saccoccia (yes, O and A, I could never get a straight answer as to why), Palmaccio, DeSimone, DiBiase, Fusco, Zuena, Ruggieri (the famous Ruggieri’s Market and “Italy with Girard” Ruggieri), Bova, and Capotosto. I’m sure there are one or two I might have missed. I grew up in Cranston and most of my family still lives there or very close by. My wife and I made a side trip to Itri during our honeymoon in 2006 and fell in love with the town, as well as neighboring Gaeta. I would love to hear from you, valentino’s wife, as well as anyone else, to share some stories, etc.

    • Most times the a and o were interchanged because of handwriting! A short walk through the cemetery of Campodimello shows almost every variation of Pannozzo, Pannozza, Pannozze, and Pannozzi on the headstones! All inter-related of course! We too have a Saccoccio and Saccoccia in our family – one married the other! Muchof our family still reside in Itri and the town has a place firmly in our hearts! BTW I have a book I wrote for sale on Amazon full of photos both old and new of Itri and quite a bit of the history of the town too! It’s titled “Itri Village of My Heart, Italy of My Dreams” … check it out – it’s available in both Kindle and paperback versions!

  9. I traveled to Itri in the 1970’s with my Grandmother, a DeSimone.
    Many of my family have gone back to vacation, yet we can not find any DeSimones.

  10. I’m planning a trip to Italy next month and hope to travel to Itri, my father’s birthplace. His name was Mario LaRosa. My mother, born in the US, was Marie Agresti, whose family, I believe, also came from Itri. I think my father’s relatives (Pennacchia) live in Rome. Was hoping to locate some of my relatives. Never thought there would be so much about Itri on the internet. I remember my dad talking about Maria della Civita for years. Any ideas on how I can further my search?

    • Paulette- welcome! You will love Itri! I have a book available for sale on Amazon about Itri filled with over 100 color photos that I had taken over a thirty year period – “Itri, Village of My Heart” – chock full of the history of Itri too! Now as to your family , there is a whole branch of Pennacchi family in Itri – my son is named after one who was one of my husband’s closest friends as children! Through online LDS sources you can research quite a bit of the Itri history – they have many of the records on microfilm. Then you normally need to set an appointment to have the fellow at town hall help you although often the local priests will be happy to help you! If you have any names of family members there sometimes you get lucky enough to find people who remember them or know other family members. Most folks are pretty friendly and will talk to you if you speak Italian. Have a wonderful wonderful trip – take lots of photos!

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